About Us

Borrowers and ethical lenders are frustrated with the current state of lending. Borrowers often enter the loan transaction with trepidation because they have heard about or experienced questionable business practices such as “bait and switch”, hidden fees and last-minute surprises. Ethical lenders are frustrated because unethical lenders are creating a marketplace where it is hard to compete, and borrowers are unable to tell the difference between honest and dishonest brokers in advance.

LoanKen.com provides a solution for both lenders’ frustrations and consumers concerns by creating a “Trusted Marketplace” where lenders agree to a set of ethical business practices, and borrowers are educated about what to expect during the loan process.

On LoanKen.com, all of the lenders in the Ethical Lender Directory have agreed to follow the Borrower’s Bill of Rights, a set of ethical business practices that describe how they will interact with the consumer. Therefore, consumers using Loan.com know what to expect from lenders they are considering. Loan.com also provides unique research tools to help consumers further, including:

  • The Loan Analyzer is a unique tool that enables the borrower to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their current loan or other loan programs available.
  • The Truth About Loans centre provides over 75 concise, consumer-focused articles explaining the entire loan process. The articles come with a point of view on how to help the borrower best.
  • The Ethical Lender Directory provides a listing of interest rates available by loan product and geography.
  • Also, there are over 15 Mortgage Calculators available to help answer questions about loans.

Internet Brands’ websites have been helping consumers since 1994. For example, the company’s Mortgage and Real Estate websites have won numerous awards for consumer expertise. Among our credentials:

  • MortgageFAQ.com has been a leading source of Mortgage information since 1995.
  • RealEstateABC’s “how-to” guides for Mortgage and Real Estate information appear on over 30,000 real estate websites. PC Magazine has named RealEstateABC one of the “100 Best Sites You Didn’t Know You Couldn’t Live Without”. Millions of homeowners have used the site’s free home valuation tool.
  • LoanApp originated the first mortgage over the Internet and, in 1994, created the first online loan application.
  • BestRate is one of the Internet’s first Mortgage rate directories.

Internet Brands also operates websites in the Automotive and Travel categories. For example, in Automotive, the company’s CarsDirect.com website brings new car pricing transparency to millions of car buyers each month.

All Internet Brands websites have this in common: empowering consumers to make better choices and save money.